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This page helps alert you to the content of our talk, interview and community news program, "Morning Exchange".  Morning Exchange airs Monday through Friday from 11 AM to Noon.  Morning Exchange often has guests in studio and on live broadcasts you may call in and participate.  The Morning Exchange phone line is 614-274-7992.

We'll do our best to keep you up-to-date with the weekly schedule.  If you miss a topic important to you, feel free to call VOICEcorps office phone (614) 274-7650 and request the contact information of the guest for that day.  Here now are the Morning Exchange topics and guests for the next several days.

 Fri Mar 23

  11-11:30 Outside Magazine

  11:30-12 Columbus Alive

Mon Mar 26 Blindness and Disability News Hour

Tue Mar 27 family nutrition

Wed Mar 28 affordable housing

Thur Mar 29 Here's To Health

Fri Mar 30

 11-11:30 Radio World

 11:30-12 Outside magazine

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